LOCATE US: United Arab Emirates
Rashidiya, Dubai

SCHOOL TIME: Monday to Thursday: 7.45 am –2.15 pm
Friday: 7.45 am –11.15 am
Saturday and Sunday- Closed

New Affordable British school in Dubai – Fees structure, curriculum & More

PACE Modern British school (PMBS) has recently opened in Dubai, attracting new student admissions for the 2021-2022 academic year. We seek to improve every child’s life in the UAE, primarily since it provides Affordable British school in Dubai, particularly in the Rashidiya neighborhood. PMBS features smart classrooms, indoor play spaces, interactive learning sessions, technology facilities, monitored classrooms and a vast campus, all at an affordable price.
The school promises brilliant students and quality education to create future leaders of the world. Our mission is to establish a creative and safe environment where students can engage and learn more efficiently.
The fee structure of the PACE School in Dubai
PMBS is amongst the Affordable British school in Dubai, we offer multiple academic subjects covering everything from science to arts. Not only this, but we offer various extracurricular activities, which boost the morale of the students.
The new admissions entrance fee is only charged once during the admission, and it is refundable when parents withdraw the students from the school. The school assists students by keeping it optional for parents to purchase uniforms from the school store. The parents can buy similar uniforms from any affordable place. We also offer transportation, paid termly for students who live beyond the Rashidiya neighbourhood
Perfect Learning Environment
We provide a world-class environment for students to learn, grow and create. PMBS provides a British education with an affordable fee structure and a vast campus to enroll more students. PMBS has just recently opened, we provide discounts for students who enrolled during the first year of academic operations.
About the PACE Modern British School
PMBS is one of the most Affordable British School in Dubai that focuses entirely on a child’s cognitive needs, offering a wide range of activities and experiences in a loving and supportive atmosphere that exemplifies Discover, Develop, and Create ideals.
Our curriculum is based on the highest academic requirements of the British schools while also considering Dubai’s Educational Objective. We recognize the need for physical activity and academics; hence, we offer an extensive range of specialized PE lessons and multiple sports. We are encouraging a healthy lifestyle maintaining a proper school routine.
UAE Best & Affordable British school in Dubai
The PACE group has earned a tremendous amount of trust and prestige over the years. This is eventually increasing the demand for their admissions. PMBS have planned to build many more contemporary educational facilities. Even though they provide high-quality education and offer low-cost price structures that help the middle- and lower-income groups.
PMBS’s goal is to educate young children with the skills they need to function and flourish in the age of globalization at all levels. We have a firm foundation in the British curriculum but encompass the best international education systems. There are no other schools in Dubai that offer such facilities, so don’t miss your chance!
At a sustainably reasonable price, PACE Group fully supports the educational goals in UAE. This is done by providing the most significant educational experience possible to all our students. And this is regardless of background, skill, or desire.
The students willingly study the British curriculum. Hence, they get the opportunity to stay up to date with the world’s educational system. So, enroll your children at the PACE School, the most Affordable British school in Dubai, and provide them with the best education.
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Finding schools is difficult. But finding Affordable British school in Dubai that provides quality education is more challenging. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


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