LOCATE US: United Arab Emirates
Rashidiya, Dubai

SCHOOL TIME: Monday to Thursday: 7.45 am –2.15 pm
Friday: 7.45 am –11.15 am
Saturday and Sunday- Closed

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission, and Core Competencies

“We aim to foster a love for learning in students, enabling them to apply their knowledge and skills effectively, inculcating traditional values and modern techniques to contribute innovatively for global impact”

School Values

Quality – Excellence – Transparency –Accountability – Collaboration Happiness- Innovation – Citizenship.

School Mission

To create a safe, respectful and collaborative environment, conducive to promoting creativity, and develop compassionate, tolerant global citizens, through dedicated leadership, committed staff and engaged community”.

The mission comprises of values and strategies to achieve its vision by being connected directly to the school curriculum through the following key elements:

  • Creating a collaborative and creative environment
  • Qualified, dedicated leadership and staff
  • Engaging effectively with parents and wider community
  • Effective and engaged learners
  • Contributing global citizens

The school guiding statements will be linked and developed with all the school processes through the effectiveness of the following Strategic Objectives:

  • Ensure continuous improvement of school performance and outcomes through the implementation of the UAE National Agenda, the international curriculum standards and the innovative approaches in our school integrated management system and policies.
  • Ensure a transparent and fair hiring process to select the right candidate on the basis of competencies and abilities to providing high quality education and services.
  • Improve the performance of all employees in the educational system and provide effective professional training to achieve the maximum quality in teaching and learning.
  • Effective communication between the school and the local community with an aim of achieving community integration and parental involvement.
  • Provide care and support to all categories of students to achieve improved progress and succeed in the open world of science and culture.
  • Develop a broad and balanced curriculum, supported by extra-curricular and enrichment activities, aligned with the National Vision and the 21st century skills, focused on
  • Effective understandings, knowledge and skills to meet the needs of all learners.
  • Promote strong personal, social and leadership skills in our learners, enhancing their creative, innovative and entrepreneurial abilities to develop responsible global citizens.
  • Maintain and develop a safe, healthy, innovative and motivating environment to meet the needs

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